Industrial Sectional Door

High-speed roller doors are offered in many different versions, providing individual and customized system solutions for nearly every application requirements. All high-speed roller doors are produced in a largely maintenance free modular construction.

The spring-balanced sectional door is the most rational system of closing an opening without engagement of side spaces. The door can be opened by hand thanks to the balancement supplied by the torsion spring that balance the weight, making the door “natural” at every height. A periodical maintenance (in average two – three times a year) is necessary for loading the springs and maintaining the balance. If the door is not anymore balanced, the opening and closing are difficult, it ones not remain totally closed and/or totally opened, with the risk of collision against the bottom panel, not completely opened. Major costs of repairing.

Constituted by sandwich insulated panels: coil pre-zinced metal sheet, pre-lackquered on both sides, and inside expanded ecologic polyurethane. The panels are hinged between them as to turn on the horizontal, when necessary, under the roof.
The coat can be implemented by one or more sight windows at eye height for the checking from the outside of the traffic.
The bottom panel has an astragal for sealing against the pavement.
The top panel has a sealing against the wall. The whole body, when lifted, detaches in the same moment from the wall and when closing it adheres against the ant-wind sealing.

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